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Re: Bug#507631: libghc6-happs-server-dev: uninstallable with unstable's hslogger

On Wednesday 03 December 2008 17:35:04 Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> Now that unstable's libghc6-hslogger-dev is updated, the happs 
> are uninstallable.  Quoting dselect:
>    libghc6-happs-util-dev depends on libghc6-hslogger-dev (<<

This bug only effects sid, as libghc6-hslogger-dev hasn't migrated to 
lenny and from the looks it isn't planned for migration.

John,  Is it your intention for libghc6-hslogger-dev to migrate to 
lenny?  If not are you aware that uploading to unstable, during freeze 
causes issues for your rdepends as they must now target fixes for lenny 
through tpu and not unstable.  You can safely upload to experimental for 
new upstream releases without causing lenny issues for your rdepends.


I would recommend tagging this bug lenny-ignore if the intention is not 
to migrate libghc6-hslogger-dev.


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