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Freeze Exception for php5-symfony

Hey there.

I've just recieved a bug from a user regarding the fact that the Symfony
package in testing can't be used for anything other than maintaining a
current codebase that uses symfony. It can't currently create a new
project, which I believe that people should be able to.

I added this functionality to the 1.0.18 version after someone privately
poked me to tell me what the issues were (the scripts hadn't had the
replacements put in them for the paths)

I'd like to request a freeze exception, as I think this would be
beneficial to the end users. 

The easier way would be to let the package come through from unstable,
however, if it's deemed neccessary, I can create a diff for changing the
testing packages to only have those changes as neccessary to fix this

Bug number is 507572

Thanks in advance!

Martin "Mez" Meredith

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