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Re: Bug#507189: asterisk: Depends on libc-client2007b which is not in unstable

Hi again,

I seemingly had brain hiccup in my previous mail: making libc-client2007d
Provide: libc-client2007b does not work at all (because packages would
still try to open libc-client.so.2007b, which would not be present).

It is still possible to add more stuff to that solution and have it
work, but it's a hack on top of a hack and it gets messy really, really
quickly (and hence chances of not getting it right are high).

So, I've changed my mind if that's ok, and now I think the best way to
proceed forward is to upload uw-imap 7:2007b~dfsg-4+lenny1 from
testing-security as uw-imap 8:2007b~dfsg-1 to unstable. I'm very happy
uw-imap has an already-high epoch, so I feel less bad about asking for

Would you be ok with doing that, Jonas?

Sorry for the extra confusion caused by my previous mail, today was "get
back from Extremadura" day and I slept very little, maybe it's related. :-)

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