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Re: Please binNMU apache2-mpm-itk / t-p-u upload for apache2?

* Stefan Fritsch [Fri, 28 Nov 2008 18:52:53 +0100]:

> please binNMU apache2-mpm-itk to build against apache2-src 2.2.9-11.  
> Thanks.

Ok, done. unstable has +b3 at the moment, I've scheduled +b5 to leave
+b4 free for use in testing, should we need it.

> And a related question: Since 2.2.9-11 is blocked from migration by  
> libpcre3, would you accept a t-p-u upload with the changes from 2.2.9-11? 
> It fixes two possible segfaults, but ATM I don't know how often they  
> occur. Here is the changelog:

>    * Regression fix from upstream svn for mod_proxy:
>      Prevent segmentation faults by correctly adjusting the lifetime of the
>      buckets read from the proxy backend. PR 45792
>    * Fix from upstream svn for mpm_worker:
>      Crosscheck that idle workers are still available before using them and
>      thus preventing an overflow of the worker queue which causes a SegFault.
>      PR 45605
>    * Add a comment to ports.conf to point to NEWS.Debian.gz in case of
>      upgrading problems.

So, these fixes come from upstream's svn, to be included in the next
2.2.x point release? If that's the case, you may upload to t-p-u, and
I'll migrate it to testing after apache2 has aged in unstable a bit
without problems.

(Also, FYI, there will be a bit period of time where apache2-mpm-itk
will be uninstallable in testing, the time between apache2 entering
testing and the buildds binNMUing it against testing.)


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