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Bug#506977: bug 506977 ( ubuntu 275688)

>> Please have a look at bug 506977 (of which the last and most explaining
>> comment is below this email). The issue involved is a copyright
>> infringement in the source of fpc before version 2.2.2 (i.e. everything
>> version except for the one in unstable). I fear that we should either
>> update or remove the sources of fpc on all but unstable releases.

Well. Looked.

> In clear, either FPC + Lazarus should get out of Lenny or should be
> updated.

You miss etch, which has an even older 2.0.0, so that needs to be fixed

Now, having talked to the RMs for the various releases:

etch - will get done within two weeks. We need time to prepare and
       coordinate a new stable release.

lenny - it will, together with its reverse dependencies, get removed
        within a day (well, next britney + archive sync run)
        Its unfortunately way too large a code change to sync the new
        version from unstable to lenny.

bye, Joerg
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