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Re: Please allow glpi updates (etch, testing)

On Fri, Nov 07, 2008 at 11:13:57AM +0100, Pierre Chifflier wrote:
> Please allow glpi 0.68.2-1etch0.2 (etch) and 0.70.2-2 (testing) updates,
> They close a RC bug by updating a file to a version covered by a
> DFSG-free license (CC-SA 2.0 => LGPLv3).
> The author of the file has agreed to change the license after a
> discussion, which is a very good news :)

A licence switch to LGPL with an additional paragraph with "Rights
and obligations" identical to the CC-SA 2.0 version (including
a pointer to French law), well...

> Changelog:
>    * Replace domxml-php5-php5.php by a LGPL version (Closes: #496071)
>    * Urgency high because of RC bug

Should be ok for Lenny but I'd want a functional diff (i.e. without
the indentation changes) for Etch from the file in stable.  Are there changes
to the API?  (Shouldn't be the case as it's a PHP4 emulation layer but

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