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Unblock request for php-openid 2.0.0-2

Dear release managers,

I'd like to request a freeze exception for php-openid 2.0.0-2. The
package in testing now has two issues:

1. It includes a copy of Apache-2.0 in debian/copyright (which would be
   fine for lenny but can easily be resolved).
2. Some files of the package mention more than one license and that's
   not covered by debian/copyright.

Just to make clear the copyright and license upstream really chose I
created a new debian/copyright including this note:

| Upstream accidently inserted more than one license statement into some
| files. This is a known bug [1] which is solved in later versions. The
| information above represents the actual license upstream chose.
| [1] http://trac.openidenabled.com/trac/ticket/26

I'd like to see this in lenny since everything else is quite confusing
when looking at the source.

The other changes I made are just about the adoption of the package.
debian/changelog says:

| php-openid (2.0.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium
|   * Adopted.
|   * Bumped the Standards-Version to 3.8.0
|   * Corrected debian/copyright
|   * Added debian/watch
|  -- Jan Hauke Rahm <info@jhr-online.de>  Sat, 01 Nov 2008 21:13:34 +0100

Thanks in advance!

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