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Please allow libvirt 0.4.6-4 into lenny

Dear release managers,
Libvirt 0.4.6-4 fixes almost all of the bugs reported against 0.4.4
currently in lenny:
The differences between 0.4.4 and 0.4.6 are mostly bugfixes and minor
improvements (at least in the drivers we currently build Xen, Kvm,
Storage, Network):
0.4.5/0.4.6 got lots of testing in experimental and everybody reporting
a bug against virtinst/virt-viewer/virt-manager/libvirt tried these
version so I'm pretty confident this release is as solid as 0.4.4.
The API is the unchanged so there is little chance for breackage.

Should there be any problems we can easily pull back to 0.4.4 since
there aren't many reverse dependencies and even less that arent
maintained under pkg-libvirt. Can we have 0.6.4-4 in Lenny?
 -- Guido

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