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Re: Rkward fit for the release but unmaintained

* Charles Plessy [Sun, 19 Oct 2008 09:51:03 +0900]:

> fixed 489473 0.4.9a-1
> fixed 491110 0.4.9a-1
> fixed 501649 0.4.9a-1
> thanks

FYI, this was unnecessary: if a bug is reported against version V2, it
is assumed not to be present in V1 if V1 < V2 (sort of).

> The conclusion is that rwkard is fit for the release. On the other hand,
> it is also umaintained, so unless its maintainer or volunteers step up
> and commit themselves to do their best for caring about the released
> version of rkward in case of problems, the release team could
> nevertheless consider removing rkward from Lenny.

I don't think a removal is needed, but thanks for bringing it up.

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