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Re: drupal6: please allow transition to lenny, fixes security issues

Luigi Gangitano wrote:
>>> I would like to ask for allowance of drupal6_6.4-2 in lenny.
>> Currently, there is no drupal6 available in lenny.
> Could we allow it in lenny even if it is this late? drupal6 is a  
> simple package, architecture all, has no bug reports atm and has no  
> package depending on it. In addition, it has a longer upstream support  
> commitment than the current drupal5 package.
> If drupal6 doesn't make the lenny release I will maintain a backport,  
> but would sincerely prefer to maintain it in the main archive.

You mean replacing drupal5 with drupal6 for Lenny or adding drupal6
on top?


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