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Please unblock iceape 1.1.12-1

Hi release team,

Iceape 1.1.12-1 is a new upstream that contains a bunch of security and
stability fixes. Its changelog:

 iceape (1.1.12-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New security/stability upstream release.
   * Fixes mfsa-2008-{37-38,40-46}, also known as
     CVE-2008-0016, CVE-2008-3835, CVE-2008-3837, CVE-2008-4058,
     CVE-2008-4059, CVE-2008-4060, CVE-2008-4061, CVE-2008-4062,
     CVE-2008-4063, CVE-2008-4064, CVE-2008-4065, CVE-2008-4066,
     CVE-2008-4067, CVE-2008-4068, CVE-2008-4069, CVE-2008-4070.



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