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matplotlib: grave bug in lenny package

Dear Release Managers,

Sorry to bother you yet again with matplotlib, but I inadvertently
introduced a grave bug in matplotlib in my last upload.


It appears that I tested the _wrong_ package of the many debs I have
lying around on my machine, for which I apologise sincerely. The fix
is simple though, just build with gcc. That would, however, mean that
the package _will_ FTBFS on those buildds which have mismatched
versions of gcc and g++. As I have ranted already, I do not know of a
way to overcome this. I would therefore, like to remedy the situation
by reverting to the standard build process (which I tested, makes the
package work), and then re-request the buildd maintainers to update
their chroots.

Will you (again) please allow me to upload matplotlib to t-p-u? I
assure you that there will be no goof-ups from my side on this one!

--- debian/rules        (revision 6644)
+++ debian/rules        (working copy)
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@

-       CC=g++ python$* ./setup.py build $(PY_BUILD_FLAGS)
+       python$* ./setup.py build $(PY_BUILD_FLAGS)
        touch $@

Thanks, and apologies for my carelessness.

Kumar Appaiah

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