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Unblocking/importing gnuplot 4.2.2-1.2 from t-p-u


please consider gnuplot 4.2.2-1.2 (t-p-u) for lenny. The gnuplot-nox
packaging in 4.2.2-1.1 is "interesting", it depends on wxgtk which in
turn pulls in X. Makes having separate -nox/x11 packages somewhat

   * Build the -nox variant without the WX terminal as it pulls in X11.
     Requires building twice because WX does not support a pipe protocol to
     talk to the main gnuplot binary as gnuplot_x11 does. We now have a second
     /usr/bin/gnuplot binary in -x11, we dpkg-divert the -nox binary to
     gnuplot-nox. (Closes: #435518)

The diff might look a bit gross, but it just compiles things twice and
keeps around the -nox binary from the first build. The second build
pass is exactly the same as before.

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