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Request for freeze exception: apt-cacher-ng

Dear Release Team,

apt-cacher-ng was frozen in Lenny at the revision 0.2.2-1.
Unfortunatelly, this happened in the middle of a major rewrite, which I
consider almost finished with current Sid version.

I dislike releasing Lenny with the current version, because of:

#495359: apt-cacher-ng: packages in cache under different names

which looks like local data corruption to users. I have no proof that
the problem is gone with the new version but the probability is high,
there were no new reports about this problem except from one Ubuntu

Other existing bugs that should be fixed in Lenny by update to version
0.2.9-1, are:

#498486: apt-cacher-ng: Expiration does not work
(not confirmed yet)
#497554: Error creating socket: Address family not supported by protocol
#489713: apt-cacher-ng: Transfer log should be flushed by default

And about "upstream changes", ATM I am the only developer of
apt-cacher-ng, and I think you should believe me saying that the changes
are not from the kind of filesystem-eating-for-breakfast, despite of
making a lot of noise in the diff.

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