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Freeze exception for apr-util


please unblock apr-util 1.2.12+dfsg-8. It does not contain any code change but
fixes an important problem with mixed etch/lenny systems:

apr-util (1.2.12+dfsg-8) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Ryan Niebur ]
  * Upgraded to policy version 3.8.0
    - Reference the copyright in common-licenses instead of including it
    - support for noopt in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
    - Added a README.source
    - added support for parallel in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
  * Dropped the XS- prefix for the Vcs fields in debian/control
  * Made the watch file notice 1.3.x

  [ Stefan Fritsch ]
  * Bump libmysqlclient dependency to 5.0.51a since 5.0.32 from etch has some
    bugs that can make apache2 hang (closes: #490859).
  * Add 'Provides' for the modules that are still included in libaprutil1, but
    will be moved to separate packages with apr-util 1.3.x. This will make
    back-porting packages from lenny+1 to lenny easier.

 -- Stefan Fritsch <sf@debian.org>  Wed, 20 Aug 2008 22:29:26 +0200


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