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Please unblock micro-evtd/3.3.3-6+lenny2 and uboot-envtools/20080520-4

Please unblock micro-evtd/3.3.3-6+lenny2 and uboot-envtools/20080520-4

Per Andersson has added Kurobox Pro support to the installer as part
of his Google Summer of Code project.  micro-evtd is a tool to control
the micro controller on the Kurobox Pro and can be used to e.g.
control the fan and LEDs.  It's also needed to refresh the watchdog so
the Linkstation Pro/Live (which is partly supported in d-i) stays
alive.  micro-evtd is a fairly new package that's currently not in
testing but a number of people have tested it extensively and it
should go into lenny to complete Kurobox Pro support.  Adding it to
testing won't have any negative impact on any other package since the
package is self-contained.  micro-evtd has a udeb that was reviewed by
Frans Pop.

uboot-envtools is a tool to read and change the config variables used
by the u-boot loader, used on a number of machines.  It's useful to
have this tool in lenny so people who have installed Debian on the
Kurobox Pro can modify the u-boot environment in case they want to go
back to the original firmware.  Again, uboot-envtools is new to
testing but has been tested by a number of reliable people.

Martin Michlmayr

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