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Please allow alarm-clock into testing


Please unlock alarm-clock These are changes from the current version
in testing.

Changes made on
+ Fixed the "Close" button on the preferences window

Changes made on
First of all, sorry for the two following bugs (fixed in this version)
+ build directory after python setup.py install is writable by user
+ msgfmt.pyc is removed after installing the software
+ Schedule dialog works properly right now

Changes made on 0.9.11:
+ Main window shows as white on 64-bit systems
+ Added new translations from LaunchPad
+ Editing the title of the dialog window changes the title of the passive window
+ Changed config directory from Alarm-Clock to alarm-clock
+ Added icons to list view
+ Added editable cells in list view
+ Popup menu respects gnome panel height
+ Alarm Clock help screen ("alarm-clock --help") is now translated
+ Made sure that intltool-update will work in the PO directory
+ After adding a new alarm the list view keeps the selected alarm
+ Added autostart option


Marco Rodrigues


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