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Freeze exception request for qcontrol (arm, armel)

Please allow qcontrol to migrate to testing:
unblock qcontrol/0.4.2-1

The new version is a new upstream release, but IMO should be allowed 
anyway for the following reasons:
- the only upstream change is addition of support for the QNAP TS-409,
  which is a NAS device that is also (newly) supported in D-I for Lenny
- the new version also includes a change that is needed because of an API
  change in the kernel between versions 2.6.25 and 2.6.26, and 2.6.26 just
  migrated to testing
- qcontrol is arch (and even device) specific and thus very low impact
- changes have been tested extensively both by myself and by Martin
  Michlmayr; the config file handling changes have been tested for both
  upgrades and downgrades

Note that qcontrol has a udeb, so that will need to be synced. The udeb is 
not yet used in D-I Beta2, so there is no risk of breaking that.


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