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Re: freeze exception request for chiark-utils 4.1.28

Ian Jackson wrote:
> I would like to request a freeze exception for chiark-utils 4.1.28 so
> that lenny can have this change to chiark-named-conf:
>   * Remove obsolete +nodebug option from calls to dig;
>     required for BIND9 compatibility.  Thanks to Ross Younger.
> In my view this fixes a release-critical bug in 4.1.24.
> Although I haven't filed that bug in the BTS I could do so
> if it would help document the reason for the update.
> If this isn't suitable of an exception because of the other bugfixes
> in it then I think I should upload something with only that change to
> testing-proposed-updates since without it chiark-named-conf does not
> work at all with the dnsutils version of dig, which everyone who
> hasn't yet is now switching to as a side-effect of moving to BIND9.
> But really nearly all of the changes are to chiark-named-conf itself
> which is currently unuseable with the dnsutils dig in lenny.




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