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Re: NMU ncurses via testing-proposed-updates to fix #319554 ?

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Would the release team and maintainer welcome an NMU to fix this ?

no; give me time until the end of the week to handle it properly.

> I wrote two weeks ago that I would offer an NMU and I have had no
> response other than a content-free dissent from Thomas Dickey (who is
> not ncurses maintainer and who is also wrong and terse to the point of
> opacity - see below).

well, Thomas is the upstream maintainer.. and a very fine one, if I may
add so.

> I see the version in unstable has a new upstream version so I assume
> that we've essentially forked this package now ?  Or, Daniel, do you
> plan to request a freeze exception for the latest updates ?

yes, because of the eterm-256 addition.

> This,
>      macos$ ssh -t root@debian screen
> is a very common case.

s/root/$random_user_account/ *scnr*

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