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Re: freeze exception requested for RC bug (wrong copyright file)

Vincent Danjean wrote:
>   Hi,
>   As Dennis Brakhane report in #493967, I made a mistake when writing
> debian/copyright when I started packaging mercurial: I talk about
> GPL-v2+ instead of GPL-v2 only.
>   My upload 1.0.1-5 has only the debian/copyright changed (switching
> to the new proposal format at this occasion) [and debian/changelog of
> course]
>   Can it get a freeze exception ?


>   I also just see that upstream released on August, 13 a minor bug-fix
> version of mercurial. The changelist is available here:
> http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/index.cgi/WhatsNew
>   Do you think that I would be allowed to package it for lenny ?
> If yes, I will do it immediately. If no, I will wait for the lenny release
> before packaging it.

No, I don't think it would qualify.

> Note that, according to upstream, this release fix two security bugs.
> One (CVE-2008-2942) is already fixed in the current package (patch
> backported). The other one is not.

Feel free to backport this second issue too if the changes are not too



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