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exception request to kde-i18n 3.5.10


KDE 3.5.10 is being released next week, like 90 % of the bugfixes are already
in Debian, so we will miss the version number bump, but our KDE 3.5.9 
won't be very different of upcoming 3.5.10. 
(I can be more verbose on this of somebody is interested [*])

Anyway, I would like to update the translations to 3.5.10 for Lenny, this
means upload kde-l10n 3.5.10 that is just a data package. A diff would be huge
so there is not much point on making one. Besides a lot of translation
updates, it contains a new language uz@cyrillic (there is already uz with
latin script, this one is Uzbek with cyrillic script.)


[*] specially in the unlikely case release team is interested in
exception for kde 3.5.10 (yes, i could not avoid asking).

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