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Re: freeze exception request for sim 0.9.5~svn20080806-1


On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 5:06 PM, Neil McGovern <maulkin@halon.org.uk> wrote:
>> Package: sim
>> We have uploaded new version of sim package to unstable.
> I've managed to dig out the previous version from the morgue.
> From what I can tell between the version that was due to hit testing,
> and the new one:
>  1642 files changed, 202341 insertions(+), 346453 deletions(-)
> So I'm afraid that's too large to review.

Yes, that large.
But the gap between version 0.9.4 and version 0.9.5 is several years
of development.
The two-year old RC bug about unclear licensing was fixed upstream in
the new version, and the old version is too old to backport the fix.

Also there are times when changes ICQ protocol break old IM's. And
sim-0.9.5 is considered currently the major version, so most fixes are
done there mainly.

> Even then, is there a reason why you didn't wait for the transitioning
> one to go to testing?

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Which one is the "transitioning one"?
If you mean the sim-0.9.5~svn20080806-1 - then, as I understand,
waiting won't unblock it by itself, and the package will not return to
testing before lenny releases.

> Neil

BR. Alexander 'zowers' Petrov.

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