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pigment and pigment-python unblocks


 Summary: I've been away for a little while, and the situation of
 pigment for lenny doesn't look too shiny; I made a couple of uploads to
 address the biggest issues, please consider them for lenny.

 The pigment in testing is 0.3.6-1 and is quite borken: upstream changed
 SONAME but the uploader didn't rename the package.  python-pgm was bin
 NMUed to use the new SONAME but it now has an unversionned dependency
 on the old package name.
   The package name was fixed in 0.3.6-2, but without Replaces for
 upgrades from 0.3.6-1; I pushed 0.3.6-3 addressing this yesterday to

 pigment-python in unstable is a new upstream release uploaded the 18th
 of July which updates the bindings to support pigment 0.3.6, I think it
 belongs with this pigment version in testing.  I just pushed a new
 pigment-python bumping the bdep appropriately as this was forgotten by
 the uploader of pigment-python 0.3.4.
 (technically, pigment-python was uploaded just before the freeze, but I
 think the arguments given above are more interesting to you.)

 Could you please consider pigment/0.3.6-3 and pigment-python/0.3.4-2?

Loïc Minier

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