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please allow git-buildpackage 0.4.36 into testing

git-buildpackage had some robustness bug fixes (no new features):

* [64808df] Warn if we can't parse the changelog - without a changelog
  we can't parse the package name. Without that we might end up with
  wrong names on the pristine tar branch and with missing symlinks in
  tarball-dir.  Since this might be intentional we issue a warning only.
* [32b2e89] detect flat tar archives in git-import-dsc too
* [277581c] don't fail import on non rfc822 adressess in the dsc file
  (Closes: #494753)
* [e012d8b] add epoch parsing to DscFile (Closes: #493214)

Would be nice to have these in lenny. 
 -- Guido

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