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Re: emdebian-tools 1.4.3 - RC fix - freeze exception request

Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> writes:
>   * two suite scripts force installation of conflicting packages
>     (Closes: #494622) fix by dropping sysv-rc. Therefore complete the
>     implementation of the replacement for the perl update-rc.d script
>     from sysv-rc in shell across all suite scripts: r4711. Ensure 
>     /etc/rc.d/ exists for shell update-rc.d support: r4699. Implement
>     shell replacement for update-rc.d: r4677 (this was the commit that
>     omitted to make the change across all suite scripts, requiring r4711).

I'm not exactly sure where this shell-version is used, could you please
explain a bit about that? It's fairly incomplete, and some of the
standard constructs of the perl version aren't supported (specifying
stop before start, it doesn't implements safeguards against adding the
same script with several sequence numbers, ...)

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