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Freeze exception request for gforge 4.7~rc2-1

Hi release team,

  I would like to request a freeze exception for the gforge package.
Version currently in lenny is 4.6.99+svn6582-1, and I'm currently
uploading 4.7~rc2-1 to unstable with the following addition to

| gforge (4.7~rc2-1) unstable; urgency=low
|   * Changed version number to reflect the upstream tagging of r6582 to
|     4.7rc2.  No changes in code.
|   * Updated Debconf template translations for Swedish (closes: #492883).
|  -- Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org>  Tue, 19 Aug 2008 21:19:03 +0200

  The version number comes after a tagging in upstream SVN, and is
mostly there to reflect that this isn't just a random SVN snapshot.
The only other change is a po-debconf update.

  Diffstat when compared to 4.6.99+svn6582-1:

changelog |    8 ++
po/sv.po  |  218 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------------------

Roland Mas

Plus on en fout, plus y'en a du riz.
  -- Proverbe chinois.

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