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Exception for debtags 1.7.7


I've uploaded a new version of the 'debtags' package version 1.7.7.  The
only update from the previous version is shipping an updated version of
the debtags vocabulary, that includes a couple new tags and especially
the updated set of tags for the security team.

debdiff shows to updates to the code, except some updated autotools
files as a result of me rebuilding the package off a new svn checkout.

This upload is intended for lenny, and is important to get the security
team tags to work.  The library toolchain used to build debtags is
currently the same in lenny and sid.

In the future we can see about packaging the vocabulary as a binary-all
package, so that if needed we can upload an updated vocabulary shortly
before release without needing to bother with autobuilders: I haven't
done it yet because I'm not sure about a package just to ship 60Kb of
uncompressed text.



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