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Pretty, pretty please unblock yelp/2.22.1-6


Please unblock yelp/2.22.1-6. Cumulative changelog:
  * Add CVE identifier in 2.22.1-4 and 60_format-string.
  * Re-upload for a clean diff, fixing builds. (Closes: #495032)
  * Rebuild 70_autotools with libtoolize --force --copy && aclocal-1.9 -I m4
    && autoheader && autoconf && automake-1.9 && autoheader && rm -rf
    autom4te.cache config.h.in~.
  * SECURITY: New patch, 60_format-string, fixes format string vulnerability;
    bump urgency to high; CVE-2008-3533; GNOME #546364; from SVN r3173;
    LP: #254860.

The fix for CVE-2008-3533 is the interesting bit, the rest was just an
embarassing number of tries to get the package actually built. Full diff
available via `d yelp'.

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