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Re: To merge or not to merge gcc-4.3 into gnat-4.3

Ludovic Brenta wrote:


The version of gcc-4.3 currently in testing is 4.3.1-2 but 4.3.1-8 is in
unstable. Is there a plan to allow 4.3.0-8 into testing? The reason I'm asking
is because I'm about to upload gnat-4.3 4.3.1-2 with the changelog below, and I
would like this version to migrate to testing and then to Lenny. The changelog
is against gnat-4.3 4.3.0-1 which was built from the same sources as gcc-4.3
4.3.0-2. I have the option to merge the changes from gcc-4.3 into gnat-4.3.

Yes, there is a plan to allow a more recent version of gcc-4.3 in testing.



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