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Re: Please allow unifont-1:5.1.20080706-1 into testing


On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:52 AM, Neil McGovern <neilm@debian.org> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 10:16:16PM -0700, Paul Hardy wrote:
>> Please allow the latest unifont package into Testing. The package,
>> unifont-1:5.1.20080706-1, was uploaded into NEW last week.
> This seems to have a new version in unstable. Can you confirm which
> version you're looking to ship with lenny?

I would like to get version unifont-1:5.1.20080808-2 into Lenny (the
latest version in unstable).  Robert Millan just did an NMU of it

unifont-1:5.1.20080706-1 was uploaded just before the freeze and
Adeodato Simó unblocked it.  Unfortunately, that version introduced an
RC bug; I moved the file unifont.pcf.gz, which had been in the old
"unifont" package, to the "xfonts-unifont" package and I didn't
include Replaces/Conflicts entries in the control file for
xfonts-unifont.  So there was a complaint that xfonts-unifont was
overwriting the old unifont's unifont.pcf.gz  file.  I split the PCF
font into a separate package because I introduced a TrueType version
of the font in ttf-unifont.  I wanted to allow someone to be able to
install the TrueType font without the PCF font.  I created the split
upon recommendations from a Debian mailing list.

So, I then released unifont-1:5.1.20080808-1 with permission of
Adeodato Simó.  That version also incorporated updates from Ubuntu
that had never been ported back to Debian, and I fine-tuned some
Chinese glyphs.  On Saturday, I got a bug report that without the file
/usr/share/unifont/unifont.hex in place, GRUB wouldn't display
graphical characters properly -- another RC bug.  I hadn't created
that file because my package now creates 4 versions of a unifont.hex

I quickly put together another package, unifont-1:5.1.20080808-2, on
Saturday night to fix that bug.  Robert Millan (who reported the bug)
tested my package on Sunday, was satisfied with it, and performed an
NMU.  Adeodato had asked me to upload it ASAP.

So I would like to get unifont-1:5.1.20080808-2 into Lenny.  This is a
major update of the old package that includes complete coverage of the
Unicode 5.1 Basic Multilingual Plane (the first 65,536 code points)
and also has a scalable TrueType font version.

As for unifont-1:5.1.20080706-1 and unifont-1:5.1.20080808-1, they can
be ignored where possible since they have RC bugs associated with

Paul Hardy
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