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Re: FW: [Pkg-hpijs-devel] Bug#494659: Upstream version 2.8.6 must not be distributed (use 2.8.6b or 2.8.7 instead)

* Mark Purcell [Tue, 12 Aug 2008 07:22:04 +1000]:

> Release Team,
> We have had a request from upstream not to distribute hplip 2.8.6 and upstream have proposed 2.8.6b as an alternative.
> I have had a look at the diff and there are some changes, but no change in functionality. 
> I propose this is sufficient grounds for a freeze exception, but is an unusual case.

> What do the release team think?

We think that you should provide us with a diff...

But if this is *strictly* true:

> "HPLIP 2.8.6 prematurely released code that was not intended for
> release. Release 2.8.6b replaces 2.8.6 and removes that code. There is
> no change in intended functionality as described in the release notes.
> We do not recommend using release 2.8.6 and ask that release 2.8.6 not
> be redistributed."

There'll be no problem. If it's not, we'll see.

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