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Re: Package description translations for Lenny

Nicolas François wrote:

We are going to get the package descriptions updated regularly for unstable.

We discussed with ftp-masters how the Translation-$lang files could be
installed in the archive for each dinstall.

This will be done by preparing all the Translation-$lang files. These files
will be checked by

We would like to know if this can be done for Lenny?
(before it is released / after (daily or for point releases))

It's only logical to do it also for testing. It should be trivial to also move the translations for the release of Lenny.

For point releases it's less obvious as removals only happen at release time and the point release itself doesn't necessarily have to be what is in proposed-updates, although that's preferred. So for point releases we should coordinate beforehand or dak should know about the translations at point release time :-)

Currently it would be strange to do description translation updates for stable outside point releases, so if that's wanted, that would need more discussion...



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