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Re: looking for advice on kvm update

Jan Lübbe <jluebbe@debian.org> writes:

> So i see three options right now: 
> - keep the current version:
>   many lenny users will need to get an updated kvm elsewhere,
>   especially if they need migration (backports.org, unstable)
> - fix just alsa and migration
>   only some users will probably be affected by the bugs fixed between kvm-71
>   and -72
> - update to kvm-72
>   potentially introduce regressions
> I think that by trying to backport the many fixes from kvm-72 to the
> current package i'm more likely to introduce regressions than by just
> taking kvm-72.
> How should i proceed now? For now i'll continue reviewing upstream's
> changes.

(I'm not part of RT team so I'm giving my personal opinion here)

I'd love to have an updated KVM on Lenny also because we do have
several problems in Xen support on that and KVM looks like a nice
alternative for most users. KVM is highly related to kernel and if it
was up to me I'd more inclined to update to latest version instead of
backport fixes since it does looks much risky in this case.

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