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Re: Freeze exception for atl2 2.0.5

* Ben Armstrong [Sat, 09 Aug 2008 09:19:18 -0300]:

> The 2.0.3-3 release of atl2 currently in Lenny is essentially
> 2.0.4 (same fix with inconsequential difference in implementation).
> 2.0.5 adds another one-line fix from Atheros to prevent spurious device
> resets under heavy load.  It "just fixes a comparison to check the
> right thing, rather than a thing that would be the right thing only
> after it gets updated, but hasn't yet", according to Chris Snook, the
> upstream maintainer.

> I'm hoping we can get this in soon and then have the new atl2 included
> in l-m-e as well.


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