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brltty: Uploading the final release?


I just came back from a month of vacation and missed the freeze (which
was expected).  I prepared for this by uploading a subversion
snapshot of brltty since it was about to release soon and the
changes were pretty important for lenny (unicode support).

Now brltty got a few cosmetic fixes and was released on the 16th of
July.  Since I was still on vac then, I couldn't upload
that final release (3.10).  The changes are really all just
cosmetic and the diff is pretty small.  I am asking basically
if I should upload the final 3.10 and ask for an exception
of the freeze, or if you prefer that we ship Lenny with
a pre-release subversion snapshot of brltty?  Personally, I'd like
to upload 3.10 since it looks nicer and the documentation
updates might be useful to users on a stable release...

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