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Re: [Fwd: Re: Please allow libpqxx 2.6.9-8 go to testing.]

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> "Eugene V. Lyubimkin" <jackyf.devel@gmail.com> writes:
>> Hello release team!
>> What's the decision about unblocking libpqxx?
> +libpqxx (2.6.9-7) unstable; urgency=low
> +
> +  * Introduced debug package: libpqxx2.6.9ldbl-dbg.
> +  * Removed static library from -dev package, I see no objections to use
> +    shared version of library.
> Are you sure that noone used it? Rest looks fine.
> Marc
Hi Marc!

In forwarded message that you are answering to I've answered in this question.
If consicely, two source packages in Debian have 'libpqxx-dev' in Build-Depends - koffice
and kpogre, and appropriate binary packages (kexi and kpogre) use libpqxx-2.6.9ldbl,
dynamic version of library. Starting from these facts I believe removing static library
don't touch any package in Debian repo.

Eugene V. Lyubimkin aka JackYF, Ukrainian C++ developer.

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