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(future) freeze exception requested: game-data-packager

Hi folks,

This is just a heads up.

"game-data-packager" is a contrib package with no reverse
dependencies[1]. The package is a newer version of
doom-package in Etch.  I renamed it shortly after Etch's
release as we intended to implement support for various
other games (e.g. quake2, quake3).  However, that work has
not been completed for Lenny.

Due to the rename, game-data-packager is currently in the
NEW queue. However, it is essentially an incremental upgrade
on doom-package. The late upload was due to a last minute
backing out of code which dependend on "gdebi", which imho
is not stable enough for what we intended to use it for.

Once it escapes the NEW queue, I would like to request a
freeze exception for it. The package completes two separate
transitions for the doom packages in Lenny:

 * the .deb files that game-data-packager generates include
   .desktop files that invoke the game. the doom engine
   package (prboom) dropped it's .desktop file. Doom players
   now rely on the data packages to provide them. The .debs
   generated by the existing doom-package will not suffice.

 * the generated .deb files provides the virtual package
   "boom-wad", which was introduced post-Etch to clear the
   path for chocolate-doom to (eventually) be packaged, in

The prboom packages references game-data-packager in
several places; so if someone raised an objection to
including this package and it could not be let into Lenny,
I would have to prepare a prboom package that removed these
references and request an exception for that. Although I
hope that does not happen :)

I shall post to the list again once g-d-p escapes NEW.

[1] prboom Suggests: it.

Thank you,

Jon Dowland                                 http://jmtd.net/

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