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Re: Change name of package in lenny

Devid Antonio Filoni wrote:
> Hi to all


> I'm the maintainer of pidgin-msn-pecan package in Debian. The upstream
> has contacted me to ask to rename the source package and the deb
> package to msn-pecan and to change a build-dep from pidgin-dev to
> libpurple-dev because msn-pecan is not a plugin for pidgin but a msn
> protocol also for telepathy. This is a my error and I want to fix it.
> There is a way to includes this changes also in lenny? If not, is
> possible to request the deletion of the package in lenny?

As testing is frozen now, changing package names is no option anymore.

If you want to have the package not be included in the release, you can
just ask on this list. Should we remove it from testing?



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