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Freeze exception for app-install-data 2008.07.28

Yesterday, app-install-data 2008.07.28 has been uploaded.

I would like to request a freeze exception for it because it is simply
a collection of desktop & icon files already in Lenny, together with some meta

This new release also improves the automatic codec installation support in
Gstreamer applications, because some codecs have been moved between the
packages, and the old app-install-data still contains the old package names.

Another reason is the more clarified copyright information, which now provides
detailed information about the origin of each icon (in README.icons), and the
debian/copyright file is now machine-interpretable.

Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> app-install-data is a collection of desktop and icon files found in the
> archive. The current version of app-install-data is from 2007-10-30.
> Would it be possible to get an exception for an upload happening next week,
> with the following changes:
> - Update Data to current Lenny
> - Include a list explaining the origin (package) of each included icon
> - Include the tools used to generate the data
> BTW, is the deadline for uploads today or sunday?
> Regards,
> Julian Andres Klode

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