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emdebian-tools debconf update

emdebian-tools 1.4.1 currently in unstable is an RC bug fix, uploaded
before the freeze and therefore already has a freeze exception.

I'd been waiting for a translation update for the debconf templates in
Swedish for months and it finally arrived today. #492752 (I do have one
more outstanding (ml) but I'm not expecting that any time soon.) I asked
for debconf updates back in March and again in May. Dutch was updated in
the last few days (#492072) and the other 16 languages were all updated
in time (and are already up to date in Lenny in v1.2.0).

I already have some other bug fixes in the current SVN - bugs that I
discovered and fixed myself during development.

 emdebian-tools (1.4.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Emdebian bug fix release
   * embug : only copy and unpack the most recently modified .dsc etc.
     --prepare mode.
   * pbuilder/empdebuild : If Emdebian patches implement a patches
     directory, check it exists.
   * buildd/history.php : build result link should link back to index
     page to get the log
   * emdebuild : Implement support for Build-Depends-Tools in
   * em_installtdeb : strip comments from control files (xorg-server)

None of these changes add or remove dependencies or change command line

If I upload these changes to unstable as emdebian-tools 1.5.0, would
this be acceptable as a freeze exception?

Unfortunately, I need to do the upload before I leave for DebConf8 on
Friday 1st August because I do not normally take my main Debian key with
me on the laptop. Alternatively, I can wait until after DebConf and
upload when I'm back in the UK after 19th August. There is a possibility
that the remaining ml translation might be updated in that timeframe by
someone else but I have not heard from the Last-Translator in some
considerable time (and the ml translation mailing list is
subscription-only). OTOH I expect to be working on emdebian-tools
intensively during DebConf and making several releases to the Emdebian
repository during that time. Uploading after DebConf will almost
certainly include a (potentially long) list of other changes and I was
not expecting those changes to be included in Lenny. (Ironically, the
changes I anticipate making during DebConf - with help from Christian
Perrier and the i18n team - are to migrate TDebs out of Emdebian and
make the code ready for wider use in Debian so that translations can be
updated separately from the upstream or Debian packages in time for
Lenny+1 so that this problem would not occur in the future.)


Neil Williams

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