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Re: Bug#478789: Vegastrike 0.5.0 Released

On Saturday 19 July 2008 01:01:57 pm Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>   Hello !
> Leo 'costela' Antunes wrote:
> > Checking the work on[0], I haven't found any conclusion to the 0.5.0
> > saga. Do you guys still need a hand with anything? I'm not sure how much
> > time I could devote to helping, but if there's still some source
> > splitting to be done, perhaps I could help.
> >
> > What is the final verdict on the source and binary packages? And the
> > removal of the upstream copy of libboost?
>   The following is my opinion only. In its current state, vegastrike
> will not make it into lenny; it has a RC bug which needs an upgrade to
> the newer version. The opinion of the ftpmasters on the current
> vegastrike-data is that it is insanely huge - we don't want mirrors to
> waste 1 GB of disk space for a package with a popcon score of 200.
>   The only way now to get it into lenny (freeze is starting pretty soon
> now) is to manage somehow to produce a lighter version of the
> vegastrike-data package - a source tarball of around 200MB to 250MB
> would be acceptable. If you feel like doing that, please do it very
> quickly and have a look at the thread there:
> http://vegastrike.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11276
>   You might want to downscale some of the textures in order to make them
> smaller. In this case, you might find the gimp-dds package of use.
>   If you manage to produce a lighter version of vegastrike-data for the
> 0.5 version that works with vegastrike 0.5 in SVN, please contact me as
> soon as possible, I'll upload it.
>   Cheers,
> 	Vincent, who's unfortunately way too busy to take care of that himself.


I'm sending this mail to ftpmaster and the Debian release team as this could 
be the biggest package in the main archive if uploaded. I haven't heard 
anything else about what to do with large data packages except for the 
discussions back in May at debian-devel. 

The package vegastrike-data-0.5.0 is suitable to go into main and if uploaded 
and accepted would fit in the archive at about 1GB total. I recall a solution 
s to produce a lighter version of such large packages. We've yet to produce 
a "lite" version of vegastrike-data since we are more or less not sure what 
to exclude/include in a vegastrike-data-lite package and also, because of 
lack of time to produce such a package. This may be too late to fix for 
Lenny, but I think a temporary solution for this is to include 
a 'vegastrike-data-lite' that's just a dummy package that the vegastrike 
source package produces and that vegastrike depends on. It could have some 
documentation explaining the situation. Then the script to start vegastrike 
could be modified to ensure the file to start the game is present and if not, 
can display a friendly message to install 'vegastrike-data' from 
data.debian.org (or wherever) and exit gracefully. Afterwards, someone can 
work on a real lite version of vegastrike-data to include in main.

Of course if we do this now, what is the Section that it will go to? Will it 
just be in "games" or "data/games"? Also, if we ever come to a conclusion as 
to what to do with the vegastrike packages and they are all uploaded, is 
there any chance that they can be included in Lenny?


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