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Re: Package mcstrans update

Russell Coker wrote:
> I would like to get version 0.2.11-2 of mcstrans in Lenny.
> It changes to use libcap2, while this is a trivial change it also prevents the 
> 2.6.25 kernel logging warning messages (which we don't want to have happening 
> all through Lenny).
> It allows correct restarting.  While there is no bug report for this (I 
> noticed it myself) it is quite an important bug.  If a change to the running 
> state of the program required restarting the daemon a sys-admin might not 
> realise that two copies of the daemon ended up running.  As the daemon is 
> related to security there is even a slight possibility that this could cause 
> a security problem (the possibility is small - but we really don't want 
> that).
> The new version also removes a needless -lpthread when building.  While the 
> policy is that extra changes don't get in, I hope that removing a single 
> linker flag could be an exception from that rule.

Please upload.



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