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Re: Bug#479751: azureus: Requires Sun Java

Since openjdk is now available in main, wouldn't that be the best solution?
It would if it was in lenny but unfortunately openjdk was delayed hugely by license issues :(. Now we have a situation where afiact openjdk will only make it into lenny if one of the following happens.

*The "rc" bug (491362) that is open against openjdk gets downgraded (I beleive it should be downgraded but as a non-dd I don't belive it is my place to downgrade a bug based on an unclear bit of the rc policy) and openjdk slots in just before the freeze (btw is there any actual date set for that or is it just "sometime next week" *The rc bug is fixed and the release team makes a freeze exception or an urgent hint to get openjdk in before the freeze
*the freeze is delayed

ccing debian-release to get thier opinion on what the chances are for openjdk making it into lenny.

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