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Re: status of default syslog daemon for lenny

On 12/07/2008 Michael Biebl wrote:
> This topic was already discussed at length a few months ago [1] with a  
> broad consent afaict that switching to rsyslog would be a good idea.  
> Some issues were raised, and I tried to address them.

I just checked the dependencies again, and found one package which
depends on "sysklogd | syslog-ng | inetutils-syslogd" without an
alternative dependency on system-log-daemon. It's auth2db, I reported
a bugreport (#490430). I guess that should be fixed in time for lenny,
maybe with an NMU if maintainer doesn't react within next week.

About changing the default, I'm not not sure whether ftpmasters approval
is actually needed at all.
If Joey agrees, you could do a coordinated upload of both rsyslog and
sysklogd with inverted priorities, and that would be all, correct?

Sure, ftpmasters could deny the upload, but why should they do so?


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