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Re: AudoDepWait also for "==", not only ">="?


Am Freitag, den 11.07.2008, 17:44 +0200 schrieb Luk Claes:
> Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > I’m wondering what’s the rationale for only considering >= relations
> > there? If that would catch == as well, the burden of having haskell
> > libraries in the archive would reduce a lot, and other packages will
> > benefit as well.
> The rationale is easy: a dep-wait doesn't get cleared with a new upload,
> so setting a dep-wait for a fixed version is 'not done'.

Can you explain that a bit more? As far as I can see, if I do this,
everything works as expected:

Packages contains xmonad binaries in 0.7-1
Packages2 contains xmonad binaries in 0.7-2
both contain xmonad-contrib binaries in 0.7-1
Sources contain xmonad-contrib in 0.7-2, build-depending on xmonad 0.7-2.
x11/xmonad-contrib_0.7-2.dsc [optional:uncompiled]

Running (with my patch)
./wanna-build --create-db --arch i386 --merge-all Packages test-quinn-diff Sources

will write this to the DB:

State-Change: 2008 Jul 11 21:53:49
Section: x11
Notes: uncompiled
Previous-State: Needs-Build
State: Dep-Wait
Version: 0.7-2
Depends: libghc6-xmonad-dev (= 0.7-2)
Priority: optional
Package: xmonad-contrib
Installed-Version: 0.7-1

as it should.

If I then pretend that xmonad-0.7-2 binaries have been built by
increasing the version in Packages, and running
./wanna-build --arch i386 --verbose --merge-all Packages2 test-quinn-diff Sources

will tell me
xmonad-contrib (0.7-2) has all dependencies available now

and write 
State-Change: 2008 Jul 11 21:55:53
Notes: uncompiled
Section: x11
Previous-State: Dep-Wait
State: Needs-Build
Version: 0.7-2
Priority: optional
Installed-Version: 0.7-1
Package: xmonad-contrib

to the DB.

So I conclude that Dep-Wait on exact versions are cleared when the
appropriate binaries appear in the archive.

> > I have attached this change as a patch.
> Which wanna-build did you use (a.k.a. from which archive did you get it
> from)?

I’m not sure ATM, but I’ll ask.

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