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Re: Selection of kernel for Lenny

Daniel Dickinson <cshore@fionavar.ca> writes:

> On Tue, 8 Jul 2008 09:15:14 +0200
> maximilian attems <max@stro.at> wrote:
>> > 
>> > When a new stable *is* uploaded, D-I should be able to switch
>> > faster too (at least, if there's someone willing to do the initial
>> > kernel-wedge work) as the main criterium for D-I to switch to a new
>> > kernel version is: does the new version look about to be ready to
>> > migrate to testing, which current early uploads of the kernel to
>> > unstable effectively never are.
>> <sarcastic mode on>
>> never seen that, d-i has always been dragging.
>> <sarcastic mode off>
> As a poor simple user, this seems mistaken.  Correct me if I'm wrong,
> but isn't it the case that d-i quickly comes out once a kernel is in
> *testing* so the problem with "d-i dragging" is really that the kernel
> team doesn't support testing only unstable (from the sounds of it).  I
> mean in another email max says that testing is on an unsupported
> kernel.  WTF.  .24 isn't that old and I'm not sure if .25 is even in
> testing yet (when I last checked it wasn't).

For d-i matters if the kernel is ready (or almost ready) to migrate to
testing since it's very problematic for us to break user installation
using daily images during the Debian kernel stabilization effort that,
today, is done in unstable.

Testing kernel, nowadays, is indeed unsupported since to update it is
much harder and risk since the kernel doesn't have a period of time on
unstable (it needs to go throught testing-proposed-updates) before
hitting testing.

What we're proposing is a change on that. Leaving those first uploads
some time on experimental and then moving to unstable when major
problems were solve (as is done in many other teams as Xorg, KDE,
GNOME, ...) and then reducing the time required for the kernel to
migrate from unstable to testing.

Doing that, it would allow us to move d-i much fastly to the unstable
kernel since we'd be in a much safe bed.

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