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Re: Mechanism in place to prevent some packages from being removed from testing

* Frans Pop [Wed, 25 Jun 2008 14:45:12 +0200]:

> On Wednesday 25 June 2008, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> > tasksel.list is automatically generated, but triggered by hand only, so
> > it would be nice if the tasksel maintainers could mail us whenever
> > there's a change in the Key packages.

> I principle it could/should be updated whenever a new version of tasksel 
> migrates to testing. If that can be automated, then I think that's to be 
> preferred to waiting for a ping from maintainers.

Will think about this.

> One other change: grub-pc
> This is currently listed in noremove.d/d-i-3.list, but should be included 
> in the main list. Reason is that grub-installer (as an option in expert 
> mode and IIRC in a few cases even as default) supports installing "grub2" 
> rather than "grub1".
> grub-installer is "aware" of the conflict between both packages.

The fact that it is in a separate list is just an implementation detail
(there's a README in the git repository if somebody's curious enough).
In other words, all packages are equally "protected", no matter the name
of the file they're in.


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