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d-i uses bootloaders

As a followup to #484129, I'd like to remind the release team that d-i
uses and installs bootloaders. These include, but are not limited to
grub, syslinux, ***LILO***, elilo, vmelilo, silo, aboot, palo, amiboot,
arcboot, emile, apex-nslu2, sibyl, colo, delo, quik, and yaboot. This is
the thick end of the wedge of packages that d-i installs, frankly it's
the ones I'd have thought obvious. (Sorry, still no complete list.)

Removing these bootloaders from testing w/o communicating with the d-i
team sucks, because you break d-i in horrible, terrible ways[1] without
letting the team know.

see shy jo

[1] That tend to boil down to "debian erased my operating system,
    and then failed to boot!"

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