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Testing transition for console-setup 1.24

console-setup is currently frozen because it provides a udeb.

As the D-I beta2 is out and, anyway, console-setup's udeb is not used
in D-I as of now, I think it's OK for it to enter testing.

Of course, better get an ACK by Otavio or Frans, just for the sake of

This version should indeed bring a big usability improvement to users
of cyrillic languages in D-I lenny beta2 (console-setup is the default
console handling software for cyrillic languages):

   * Support for X key types such as PC_CONTROL_LEVEL2 and PC_ALT_LEVEL2.
     Never use ShiftR.  Thanks to Alexander E. Patrakov, closes: #484822.
     Urgency medium because #484822 is related to the default settings used
     by d-i for some languages.
   * Improved support for non 'KP_...' keys in the keypad block.
   * console-setup-mini and udebs: fix some bugs in modifiers in
     precompiled non-latin layouts
   * Support for some new X key symbols (some of them spelling errors).
   * ckbcomp: accept a list after virtual_modifiers
   * Debconf support for grp:alt_caps_toggle, grp:lctrl_lshift_toggle,
     grp:sclk_toggle, lv3:alt_switch, lv3:enter_switch, compose:lwin
   * Removed debconf support for grp:alts_toggle, grp:ctrls_toggle,
     grp:shifts_toggle, grp:shift_caps_toggle as it is impossible to
     support them on the console.
   * update Keyboard/ckb with the keyboard data of xkb-data version 1.3-1
     (this syncs console-setup-mini and udebs with the main package)
   * xmlreader: ignore tags languageList and countryList.
   * Remove dh_installxfonts from debian/rules.


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